Kay Kay's Musings

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Is birthday month. Natasha and Cynda are a year older, it happens to all of us but this is why their's is signifigant. They're both under 21 (9 & 12), so getting older is neat and their respective birth dates are only 2 days apart (26 & 28) causing a lot of work for KayMom. Of course a joint party is out of the question, but no way am I going to throw 2 parties in 2 days, too much cake to consume. So every year since Cynda was 1 I have tried to space out the celebrations. So most years I get a suprised already! from their sisters etc. when they hear that Natasha has had her party 10 days or so before her actual birthday. I've thought it through, it's the only thing that seems to work, first of all, doing hers early allows me a 2 week separation between parties, needed for clean up and cake eating and Cynda is not required to wait way past her date to have her party. Good thing the next celebration on the calender is Mother's Day, I need a good breakfast in bed after April.

Blog Block

Ok, I started this at least I should continue. Here's a little known secret, if you open a dictionary under the heading of "writer's block" (if such a listing exists) you would find my picture!!! Yes, I have suffered from a life long, debilitating case of this. But, in my quest for a fullfilling life I'm going to try to press on.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

OK, I'm on board

Hello all,

With so many around me doing this "blogger" thing, I was feeling a bit left out. So here it is, no real agenda, just a way to let the people I have in my life in on what's happening without having to a)repeat myself, or b) worry about leaving anyone left out. These two things happen all the time with everyone scattered so far away. Love you all.